Nederlandse versie

The best photos

Two compilations of the best underwater photos of all my dive trips abroad and my Dutch dives.

Painted comber


Underwater pictures taken during a week of diving in the Salzkammergut with dive school Diventure from Eindhoven.
Mainly pictures of perch, pikes en the beautiful light in the Austrian mountain lakes.





Underwater pictures made during two dives in the cold waters around Vancouver Island, more precisely at Hornby Island.





Photos made while snorkeling and diving on the Galapagos islands. The snorkeling images are made at Española and Floreana islands, the dive pictures around North Seymour and Mosquera. Images contain sea lions, sea turtles, rays, sharks and more. Our video from this trip also contains a lot of underwater footage.

Eagle ray


Pictures taken during a week of diving with Moby Dives at Gozo Island (Malta).
Included are pictures of caves, rocks, wrecks, fish and other marine life. Names of sea-life are dutch.

Blue Hole


  • Underwater photos of a three day stay in the Komodo NP at Scuba Junkie Komodo.
  • All photos, underwater photos and a travel map of a three week trip on the lesser Sunda islands. Here I have dived from Gili Air, Sumbawa and Bali.
  • Photos, video and a travel map made during two weeks in North-Sulawesi. We visited the coral walls of Bunaken national park from the Froggies dive resort.
    Afterwards we spent four days on their liveaboard the Sanny to sea the critters of Lembeh Street.
    The last three days of our trip we spent on dry land. We visited the Tangkoko rainforest, made a tour through the Minnahassa highlands and climbed the Lokon volcano. During this period we stayed at the beautiful Gardenia Country Inn.

Flamboyant cuttlefish


Under water pictures from one dive near Levanto during our holiday to Italy at the end of the summer of 2009.

Painted comber


The photos shot during a day of diving on the Izu-peninsula with Mar Scuba.

Dragon moray


Photos made during three days with Scuba Junkie on Mabul island, including a one-day trip to Sipadan as well as photos from two days diving at the Perhentians with Flora Bay Divers.

Whitetip reef shark


Photos made during a week at Vilamendhoo, one of the many Maldivian islands. Pictures of whitetip reef sharks, turtles and much more.
Now also a video of this trip online!

Whitetip reef shark


All pictures or only the underwater pictures shot during a visit to the ICPIG 2009 conference. The underwater pictures are shot at the reefs of Cancun and in Cenote Dos Ojos.



Underwater pictures taken during a trip with Djoser in South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.
Because of poor visibility these pictures do not have the quality of my Egypt and Malta/Gozo pictures.



Underwater pictures taken during a trip with Shoestring in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.

Spotted moray


Photos made during one dive in False Bay.


  • All pictures, underwater pictures and an overview with map of an 18-day trip through Southern Thailand in July-August 2012, where I dived from Koh Tao.
  • Photos made during a liveaboard on the Junk near the Similan and Surin islands in October/November 2006. Including a manta, leopardsharks, a seahorse and ghost pipefish.
  • Photos made in Koh Chang Marine national Park, Thailand. Snorkeling trip 19-3-2003 Some nice pictures of mainly smaller fishes. Scuba trip 20-3-2003 Good pictures of many species of fish, including a ray.


The Netherlands salt water

Now also videos online of dives in the Grevelingenmeer in May 2005 and 2006..

Photos made in the Grevelingenmeer:
  • Crustaceans Pictures of lobsters, crabs and shrimp.
  • Fish Pictures of a large variety of fish species.
  • Other All under water life not fitting in the other categories.
  • Overview Pictures showing an overview of the scenes from the Grevelingenmeer.


The Netherlands fresh water

Photos made in various Dutch lakes, sorted by subject.
  • Overview Pictures showing an overview of the scenes that can be seen in Dutch lakes. Includes some nice pictures with beautiful sunlight.
  • Fish A collection of pictures of mainly pike and perch.
  • Crustaceans Mainly fresh water lobsters.
  • Other All under water life not fitting in the other categories (including fresh water jellyfish).

Last dive

Last dive All pictures taken during our most recent dive (except for holidays).
The pictures were made using the following cameras:
Canon Powershot A20
Canon Powershot S1 IS
Canon Powershot A710 IS
Canon Powershot G10
Canon Powershot G1X mk 2
In all cases inside their corresponding Canon housing.
In many cases I used the internal flash of the camera. Since fall 2006, most S1 IS and G10 pictures have been made using an external Sunpack G-flash or Epoque ES-150 DS strobe. Since 2013 I have used an Inon D-2000 strobe on longer dive-trips and for Dutch dives.
Most pictures have been edited with Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop CS4-CS6.